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🎤 Interviewer publishes the stories of the Russians against the war and explains the Russian context to a liberal European audience that is willing to listen.

We want to put a human face to all the social and historical phenomena we are talking about. For that reason we share the real stories of the Russian people against the war - of those in exile as well as of those who have never left, of the brave activists as well as ordinary people. Our main goal is to build bridges and, we believe, empathy is the key to do exactly that.

It is not an easy job to tell your story by yourself. Sometimes it is easier for the person to be guided with the right questions. We are looking for people who can do that: To connect with a person, find their topic and deliver an interview that makes their struggle understandable to a wide audience.

Want to get involved? Great! Send us an email to and we will get back to you shortly.

❤️ Team