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Recent History Timeline

A brief outline of how Russia got where it is today

Do you wonder how we got here? Unless you carefully follow the news, it may be difficult to put together the picture of Russia in recent decades. This timeline shows you the highlights you may have heard about and puts them into a broader context.

We are not historians and our selection of events was subjective. If you think we missed an important milestone or can add some interesting facts, please, let us know or help us write additional texts.

What now?

  • Russia explained

    When we think about politics and society, we tend to think in democratic terms. Russia however is not a democratic state. We try to explain the Russian terms and principles in simplest terms possible to give a context to the current happenings.

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  • Stories of people

    To put a human face to social phenomena, we recommend you to read a few stories of real Russians against the war. Some of them are brave activists, some of them just ordinary people. In any case, they vehemently disagree with the actions of their country (and this position affected their life in one way or another).

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  • Get involved!