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Stories of the People Against the War

In and Outside of Russia

To put a human face to social phenomena, we recommend you to read a few stories of real Russians against the war. Some of them are brave activists, some of them just ordinary people. In any case, they vehemently disagree with the actions of their country (and this position affected their life in one way or another).

🇷🇺 From Russia

Blanket international sanctions, while effective, locked countless pro democratic people inside Russia, sentencing them to persecution or jailing. Families were divided by closed borders, visas policies disregard at risk individuals and dissidents, their economic help dried up. These people need our attention and support now.

Kharkiv doesn’t exist - thousands of people… arms, legs, faces, don’t exist

Yesterday, my Ukrainian friend texted me. We had spent a lot of time together -- he’d helped us integrate into society when we lived in K...


✈️ From abroad

With the onset of the war in Ukraine, Russia turned from oppressive to dictatorial. Those who escaped were lucky, but their families remain at risk. Like all refugees, they need homes, jobs and integration, they need our help. Yet, they carry the stigma of being Russian – even if they fled precisely because they were against Putin.

What now?