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Why do I care?

I am quite a Czech person. I was born in Prague, spent my youth drinking beer and hiking Šumava. I've always felt very safe expressing my political opinions - and holding my boyfriend's hand in mine while doing so.

My loved ones, however, are Russian. My mother was born in Moscow. The Russian half of my family still lives there.

I've met my boyfriend online. He is also Russian. He moved from Russia a long time ago however, as he could not live in a country so flagrantly against his believes.

Through my relationship with them, I was made acutely aware of my privilege. I'm a moderately active political person, yes, although I've never risked as much as they did with my actions. And yet, the people who took those risks are facing collective guilt - which is a paradox that I can't get my mind around.

I also can choose any country from the EU to stay (and to work). This choice is done by pure convinience (not for the fear of my safety).

24th February

The first days after the Russian invasion we were paralysed in shock. Then we contacted our Russian friends (a lot of them being anti-Putin activists), as we wanted to help them to get to safety.

When we started to gather information how to do that, it became obvious that it will be a very difficult task.

Overnight, we created 2 websites:

Hopefuly they will help somehow.



What now?