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I am in Poland, my children - in the Czech Republic

I am 27 years old, a Russian citizen. I have a university degree. I have a husband and two little daughters. My husband has had documents in the Czech Republic for 14 years, 10 of them tryvalý pobyt. The children also have tryvalý pobyt.

My story is very unusual. I live in Poland with Polish documents, and I often travel to Prague to see my children. Because, first due to the pandemic and now because of the war, I cannot get Czech documents. My children speak Czech and go to Czech kindergarten, next year my eldest should go to a Czech school. My husband has been paying taxes and doing business there for many years. We have our own apartment in Prague. This is the home of our girls.

I applied in Warsaw for family reunification in January 2022, but now because I am a Russian citizen, they won't give me the documents. My Polish documents expire in June, and then my children will have to abandon their studies, school, their home and just go to Russia, where they have no home...

To be apart in the united Europe

I already live in the EU and I am, of course, not a danger to the Czech Republic. I don't know who I could hurt in the Czech government. Why is this happening? I'm not even in Russia, and my family lives in the Czech Republic.

Our family can no longer live apart. We are very tired, we haven't broken any rules, our life has become a nervous dream. It is no longer possible. I'm just worried about the kids. After all, they just want to live together with their mom and dad. In the last month I have written numerous letters to all the authorities, but I have not received a single answer. Our life and dreams are just ruining before our eyes, our rights are being violated, and no one can help.

There are no more plans. Everyday some news only brings disappointment. We don't have enough hope and positivity to wait for good news.

I just need to exchange my Polish documents for Czech ones and see my children grow up. After all, the Czech Consulate in Warsaw is working, I live in the EU, all members of my family have been living in the Czech Republic for years! I do wish they would make an exception for the citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. So that families do not live separately and absurd situations like ours do not occur.

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