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Press Russians against the war is a library of Russian opposition. We want a different Russia to be heard - the one that's silenced by the regime - through the history of its struggle, through the crucial concepts, through the voices of real people who are against this regime.

  • We’ve created a timeline of the recent 30 years of history,
  • We explain some basic concepts crucial to understand the reality of the regime,
  • We publish the stories of the real people who oppose the regime – publicly or silently;

We believe that giving representation to the Russian opposition abroad may give a chance to destroy the regime from the inside and give us all a safer future.

Why is it needed?

The propaganda does everything possible to define the Russian people - the way they think and speak, things they agree with. Outside of Russia, the regime tries to create unity in other ways: to show all of the Russians as a united front, standing firmly behind the actions of their leader.

In Russia, it’s done by creating an information vacuum inside the state. The state controlled media spread propaganda which has nothing to do with reality. Any voice daring to challenge that is silenced harshly and further prosecuted.

We want to give a room to speak out for those Russians who do not fit this narrative. We want to tell stories about people who stand against the totalitarian regime with their actions or moral principles. We want to show the reality of the regime – what people are facing every day.

We want to break the information wall that this regime is building. We believe that knowledge is the worst enemy of totalitarianism.

Our goals

We are convinced that the voices of Russian people who are against the war tend to be unnoticed. We want them to be heard. We believe it contributes to a better understanding between the people divided by the situation and prevents collective guilt.

We want to create a bridge between the global democratic society and, what we believe, the possible future of Russia - people who are against this regime.


  • +420776695975 - Petr Cibulka (project coordinator, cz, en)
  • +34677299023 - Evgenii Chilikin (content, ru, en)

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