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As per Henley passport index, Russia shares the 51 place along with Micronesia, above Bosnia and Herzegovina, below Palau 1.

At the same time, according to Forbes 2 almost 70% of Russians have never been abroad.

How can one interpret those numbers?

A Russian citizen has 2 passports – an international one, and an internal one. Taking the average salary, most people can’t even imagine going somewhere abroad. It also means that those people, most probably, have never met a foreigner.

In practice, it means that most information and knowledge about other countries is perceived through the official media – especially, when other ones have been blocked and closed 3.

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Stories from Real People

To put a human face to social phenomena, we recommend you to read a few stories of real Russians against the war. Some of them are brave activists, some of them just ordinary people. In any case, they vehemently disagree with the actions of their country (and this position affected their life in one way or another).