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The Soviet Union, as a country, suffered the most during the Second World War, purely by numbers. Almost every family lost somebody due to the war. This is a very sensitive topic in recent Russian history.

There are different ways to analyse those numbers. The most obvious approach would be to blame the Nazi Germany– after all, there’s not so much to discuss.

However, the role of the Soviet Unionin the Second World War is disputable, to say the least. Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Soviet-Finnish war, occupation of the Baltic states are hardly to be taken as actions of a peaceful state, not even mentioning the repressions against the Soviet people before, during, and after the war.

Propaganda and Ideology

Starting from the 2000’s the Second World War started to be a sacred thing. Every family’s trauma is highly exploited by ideology – one day to confront the repugnant West, another to justify the war with Ukraine


  • It is banned to compare the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany by law 1
  • Saint George's ribbon, associated with the 2nd World War, is used as a patriotic symbol 2
  • The 2nd World War rhetorics contributed to the invasion to Ukraine, comparing Ukaraine with the Nazi Germany 3

💥 War,📣 Propaganda,History

Russia Explained

💥 War,📣 Propaganda,History

In recent history

On 24th February 2022 Russian federation shocked the world when it invaded Ukraine. Was it entirely unexpected or where there signs of such event long before? And could it have ended in any different way?

The Russian post-Soviet history is a fascinating story full of both optimism and despair, civic resiliance and passivity and many unexpected turns. Some eras brought hope of more liberal society and cooperation with west, while others crushed that dream entirely.

Read our Timeline of Russian history. We put milestone events familiar from news into a bigger picture for you.

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