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Patriotism should refer to love for your country. However, it's been used with a very specific meaning – devotion to Russia, no matter what it does. This term brought a division to the whole society – those who do not support the regime are called anti-patriotic, hence traitors.

The state cannot proclaim any sort of official ideology as per the Constitution. However, starting from the very beginning of Putin's regime, the “patriotism” started to play a very specific role in the narrative, that one may call it a non-official ideology.

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Russia's Nationalists: The Importance of Being “Patriotic”

💥 War,📣 Propaganda

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💥 War,📣 Propaganda

In recent history

On 24th February 2022 Russian federation shocked the world when it invaded Ukraine. Was it entirely unexpected or where there signs of such event long before? And could it have ended in any different way?

The Russian post-Soviet history is a fascinating story full of both optimism and despair, civic resiliance and passivity and many unexpected turns. Some eras brought hope of more liberal society and cooperation with west, while others crushed that dream entirely.

Read our Timeline of Russian history. We put milestone events familiar from news into a bigger picture for you.

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