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Explaining Russia

What now?

  • Stories of people

    To put a human face to social phenomena, we recommend you to read a few stories of real Russians against the war. Some of them are brave activists, some of them just ordinary people. In any case, they vehemently disagree with the actions of their country (and this position affected their life in one way or another).

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    Follow us on Instagram where we publish the visual version of our content - with the help of our graphic designer team. We publish stories of Russian people against the war and shed some light on their social, historical and legal context.

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    Follow us on Twitter to join the discussion about the current affairs of the liberal Russians - both in and outside of Russia. We share the links about the current developments and raise topics that are often overlooked on the European political debate.

  • Get involved!

    We want the voices of liberal Russia to be heard in the West. We are gathering the team of volunteers to help us make that happen. Do you want to get involved?