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🔴 🎤 Audio documentary for Český rozhlas: Looking for 5-10 people

We are looking for 5-10 Russians in Czech republic who will meet with reporters from Český rozhlas and tell them about their situation in Czech republic.

April 28, 2022

We are looking for Russian and Belarussian citizens who will talk to the documentarists from Český rozhlas. Those people should live in Czech republic (or aspire to get here). Český rozhlas wants to know how the process was for them, whether they faced any dificulties, how it was like to deal with the Czech authorities in the current situation and how do they feel in the Czech society in general.

The people would need to talk to the authors of the documentary (either in person or through an online call). Their names and voices can be changed if needed, to maintain their anonymity and safety.

👉 Are you interested? Great! Let us know at 👉 We can also publish your story at (stories of Russians against the war). If you’re interested, here’s more info:

The documentary for Český rozhlas will be created in cooperation between the podcast studio Subjektiv and (stories of Russians against the war).



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